Sunday, October 4, 2009

Watch Your Words

Should we be more cautious in what we are verbalizing in front of our children? I definitely think so.

Maybe I am the minority here, but I find myself verbalizing things in front of my children that should never have left my lips. Do you ever say something and then wish you could turn back time and have a chance for a "do over?"

Comments such as, "I really dont' want to test that food on you today because, I just cannot deal with that stress right now," is a perfect example of what not to say.

My daughter has enough to think about on a daily basis in dealing with her food allergies. And she does not need any other comments which could add to her already high stress level.

I have been really trying to be more careful in what I am saying to her. Since I have been watching my words, I have noticed she seems more confident and at peace. As parents we really do set the tone for our family. If we demonstrate confidence, our children will see that and follow suit. In the same way, they will become stressed out if we are always flustered and stressed.

Children with food allergies have so many emotions going on inside of them. They are constantly on guard when it comes to the preparation of food and ingredients in foods. We can't even imagine how it must feel to live in that fear everyday.

And as a parent of a child with food allergies, we are also living in a state of caution and fear for them. Our lives are constantly on guard in our own preparation of foods and reading the labels of products.

I cannot control everything around me however, I can try to create an environment in my own home that is confident and peaceful. I can also keep comments about being stressed out over something to myself.

I hope this encourages you to watch your words with your children everyday.

So let's be the parents and let our the children.

Stay well, stay safe brave.

Debra Denhart

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